Weeksville Interactive Exhibition

Weeksville Heritage Center is a significant historic American site; an enclave of preserved homes belonging to a free and independent African American community organized by African American entrepreneurs and land investors. The Historic Hunterfly Road Houses located in Weeksville are New York landmarks and are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Weeksville Interactive Exhibition allows you to explore both the layout and many objects contained within the Historic Hunterfly Road Houses, now located in Bergen Street, Brooklyn, New York. There are four houses to explore; numbers 1698 (1930s house), 1700 (1900s house), 1702 (1860s house) and 1704 (1860s house).

To view the floorplans either click 'Get Started' to go to the first plan, or select one from the list by clicking the plan icon. 

Screenshot of Weeksville Heritage Centre exhibition homepage with introduction and floorplans

Once viewing a floorplan, each dot on the plan identifies the location of an object. If the dot contains a number, this signifies how many objects are in this location. Clicking on a dot containing a number reveals individual dots for each object. Click the buttons with room names on them, underneath the floorplan, to open a 360-degree view of that room.

360-degree room views, objects and descriptions can also be navigated to using the list down the side of the page. Images from this list can be expanded using the icon in the top corner of the image. The arrow at the bottom of the image allows you to view all the relevant images for an item.

Screenshot of floorplan view showing navigation and viewing options.

Clicking on a dot allows you to view photographs and descriptions for that item. 

Screenshot of object image and description.

To view the panorama in the 360-degree room viewer either click and drag, press the arrow keys or hold shift.

Screenshot of panorama of room

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